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      First off, Many Thanks to everyone who assisted our friends after the fire back in October of 2010! The outpouring of support was a great thing to see!

      Now I'm faced with a new issue - Someone has attacked the Servage hosting service, and every site that I host on it has been infected. I think it's safe to assume that more customers than just myself have been attacked in this manner, but I am aware of the situation, and am in the process of re-uploading all of the files. Thankfully, I keep complete backups of everything, so it's just a matter of re-uploading the files, and not a matter of having to re-create everything.

      2011 will be the 15th Anniversary of Nursery Tails! Hard to believe... Who knows, maybe I'll even finally get an update done this year... :/
Proxima Centauri
May 14, 2011

So what is this place anyway?

Nursery Tails is a website where Anthropomorphics and Infantilism meet. Anthropomorphics are more commonly referred to as furries and are essentially cartoon animals. Furries are NOT hairy humans. If you're looking for pictures of hairy humans in diapers, or pictures of humans in diapers at all, you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for pedophilia, you're definitely in the wrong place. The content of Nursery Tails is all furry related, and includes artwork (over 1000 images worth!), stories, and multimedia files. This material is fantasy, not reality. There are hundreds of other diaper-sites on the net that have pictures of real people in diapers, but you won't find that here.

Ok, so what is Infantilism ??

Websters defines Infantilism as "1: retention of childish physical, mental, or emotional qualities in adult life, esp: failure to attain sexual maturity 2: an act or expression that indicates lack of maturity."

Given the clinical definition, let us look at it in the definition of the fetish:

Infantilism is a fetish wherein consenting adults enjoy being treated, or treating other consenting adults, as babies. This may also be known as age-playing, and may include the use of diapers, bottles, clothing, and other paraphanalia. So why do people get into Infantilism? Good question, and the answers are as varied as the individuals. Some might get into it because they simply enjoy it, others may get into it because they may be incontinent, and this is one way of making the best of the situation. In any case, that this is an activity between consenting adults cannot be overstressed. While it is true that there are those out there who would involve children in such activities, the vast majority of the Adult Baby (Infantilist) Community has no greater acceptance for such improper behavior than the rest of society.

This is not to say that Infantilism is a fetish that ONLY adults experience. Indeed, many ABs (Adult Babies) have had this interest for most of their lives, but are often too ashamed to admit it to anyone. North American society seems to demand that everyone be completely toilet-trained as early as possible, a practice which creates great stress and undue strife on many lives. However, just as no responsible adult would engage an amourous youngster in sex, nor would a responsible adult member of the AB Community engage any underage persons in such activities.

It is important to stress that Infantilism is NOT Pedophilia, especially since so many would draw parallels between the two. Keeping this in mind, welcome to my Adult Baby page - I hope that what you find here will help to broaden your understanding, as well as to entertain and inform you.

-Proxima Centauri

Diapered Furries?! AWESOME! Let the fur and babypowder fly baby!

Diapered Furries?! Yuck! Aaaah! Too weird and freaky for me! Let me outta here!

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